Membership Benefits

How We Directly Help You

Ladies Own provides the tools, resources, knowledge, and opportunities you will need to hit the ground running, while also being a support system and guiding light as you begin on your journey as successful businesswoman.

What You will receive

Ladies Own E-Commerce Store

Members will be equipped with a live and responsive-design online ecommerce storefront featuring a customizable range of products across industries best suited to your strengths and objectives.

Marketing Support

Members will enjoy tailored marketing support of their products across our nationwide network of Ladies’ Own businesses, partnerships, associations, and investment programs.

Venture Support

Members will be backed by network-wide financial support of their business ventures with crowdfunding, product purchases and partnerships that situate their businesses and help them grow.

Product Ownership Shares

Members will acquire product ownership shares that provide passive capital gains as valuation of business increases through sales, networking, partnerships and buy-outs.

Private Venture & Income Access

Members will have access to private ventures and income opportunities exclusive to organizations and funds in industries not available to the general public.

Real-Time Wealth Profits

Members will have the luxury of real-time wealth development training and earn income and capital gains through real-world experience in business development, investment and profitable partnerships and associations.

Ground Level Profits

Members will have the privilege of joining business and investment ventures with a ground-level advantage and opportunities for exponential income growth across vertical and horizontal markets and industries.

Member Business Services

Members can take advantage of discounted business services and leverage reduced costs to achieve maximum profits through our nationwide network of business and industry associations.

Our Promise

Ladies Own will focus on the individual success story of every member through collective achievement and prosperity.

Ladies’ Own was founded to empower women’s collective advancement in business ownership, investment opportunity and an expanding stake in high-growth technology markets through supportive and goal-driven association. We are led by successful businesswomen with decades of experience and established financial assets whose leadership and structure serve as a scalable platform for both independent and collaborative entrepreneurship, business development and investment opportunity. We promise our commitment to your success through persistent guidance in real-world business scenarios and seamless networking across the various industries and markets within our ever-growing professional sphere.