Special Invitation

A Business Opportunity for Women

Take part in the development of a nationwide network for Women with Ladies Own Enterprises and be the force behind successful business ventures and wealth building campaigns from the ground level. At Ladies’ Own, opportunities are available for ambitious and money-motivated women to advance their careers and develop skills by way of exclusive business partnerships, ventures and opportunities that bridge ambition with financial independence. Contribute to the launch of new enterprise and take full advantage of venture opportunities with unlimited financial upside and potential.

If you are interested in a role in the launch and advancement of Ladies Own Enterprises into the national and global marketplace, we invite you to join our team.

Our Mission

Launch Ladies Own

We seek to build the world’s largest network for women through successful recruitment strategies that garner growth, while offering rapid advancement, and lucrative income opportunities as we achieve collective success.


Become an Executive

Grow Financially as we Grow in Size

Invest in your leadership skills with a position as a Ladies Own Executive — where you will receive an opportunity to seize initiative in a role that gives you administrative power over enterprise, strategies, and the ability to manage a team of Consultants across a nationwide commercial network. As an Executive, you will deploy your organizational and managerial skills to activate and inspire qualified women in their Ladies Own Business Ventures, while also channeling your own collective success through lucrative business opportunities, ventures, and corporate expansions. You will instantly find, that as your responsibilities grow, so will your income and profits.

  • Manage a team of Consultants across dynamic business and industry
  • Become a business leader with the power to influence various markets
  • Achieve financial profit growth through organizational development and expansion
  • Widen your platform and profitability with a thriving network of entrepreneurs

Become An Executive

How You Fit Our Team

As a founding member of Ladies’ Own, you will have an opportunity to exercise your skills in sales, marketing, communications, to earn an unlimited income by helping us launch Ladies Own and our Enterprises nationwide.

Become an Executive

Who We are Searching For

We seek energetic and ambitious, money-motivated women who are entrepreneurial and have leadership and communication skills that are looking to scale personal growth through network and enterprise opportunities.

  • Leaders
  • Active Recruiters
  • Entrepreneurial Minded
  • Financially Motivated
  • Personable
  • Hosts Online Meetings

What You will receive

Choice Position

Choose your position based on your qualifications, time, and desired income.

Premium Pay - Residual Pay

Receive exclusive bonuses and highest pay when you are on our team at the ground level.

Rapid Advancement

Promote directly into management when you exhibit ambition and outstanding work ethic.

No Venture Fees

Never pay venture fees when you gain access to new ventures and income opportunities.