Start Your Own Business

Got a business idea, but need help?

Ladies Own puts you in touch with business specialists who help you visualize your business concept and explore the viability of your business model, and its potential profitability in the market and how to achieve optimal penetration in your industry of choice.

Our business specialist develops and define new and old enterprises, offering a unique focus on the development, measuring, and managing your company’s image, brand equity, and reputation.

We strategically engineer a full platform that brings your company to life in a way that ultimately drives financial performance in your company’s bottom line.  Our unique abilities and expertise increase your customer loyalty, and we development and leverage your most valuable asset: Your Image.  Let us start you a business from scratch.


Open a Flourishing Online Store

Ladies’ Own equips you with a platform for e-commerce business development where you can launch your own online store and customize inventory with high-quality brands and products and services while choosing a market or industry that matches your goals.

Our strategically positioned e-commerce network is designed to help you grow, scale and expand your e-commerce store based on real-time marketing trends, brand development and enterprises in collaboration with our nationwide network of e-commerce experts.

Business Consulting

Need Business Advice?

We offer financial, strategic and marketing support throughout all stages of business development from concept to expansion and make it easy to collaborate and partner with managers, logistics experts, suppliers, marketers and business specialists that help bring your vision to life.

Business Services

Low-Cost Business Services

Ladies’ Own offers valued business services that allow for instant startup and transition through business filings, website development, brand design and content, along with consulting, marketing and network support all at exclusively discounted rates. 

Now you can realize your dream business much faster than ever imagined and have the resources to focus your time on building your brand through quality products and services.

What You will receive

E-Commerce Platform

Members receive their very own market-tailored e-commerce platform and online store designed to promote and sell their products with interconnected social media and web presence for optimal brand visibility.

Special Business Discounts

We give you access to essential business services at discounted rates you won’t find anywhere else thanks to our nationwide network of industry investments, partnerships and associations with service providers.