about us

A Wealth Network for Women

Ladies Own Enterprises is home of the progressive money-motivated Lady, where we specialize in Building Business, Networking, and Capitalizing on Opportunities that Generate Huge Income and Create Long Term Legacies of Wealth.

We offer a rare opportunity in business where qualified women stand to jumpstart a lifelong career as owners, investors, and wealth-building specialists in an all-Inclusive network that can save years of research, training, experience, and hardships, on the road to becoming successful in business.

Our network support and opportunities at the ground level are second to none, so we cordially invite you to become a Boss with Ladies Own and experience your destiny to enjoy life and live financially free.

Who We Are

Ladies’ Own is a Women’s Business Network designed to honor the ambition of Women through financial independence, extensive business opportunities and the building of a wealthy, lasting legacy.

What We Do

Ladies’ Own supports women in business by giving them a solid foundation and the necessary framework they need to begin generating wealth swiftly without having to start out in business all on their own.

Our Vision

We envision every member of Ladies Own as an independent success story that plays an influential role in their distinctive business and community.

Our Mission

To evoke the ambition of aspiring female entrepreneurs by developing income opportunities that accommodate their skills and offer the support and real-world applications they need for creating wealth.

How We Do It

We create the atmosphere and opportunity then lead you on the path to wealth by actively supporting you as you learn and profit directly from your journey.

Our Purpose Declaration

Ladies Own is a commercial network and community of women empowering one another to achieve financial independence through collaboration, knowledge and support of a shared purpose.

By developing an organized structure of business, investment, wealth-building, crowdfunding and marketing under an umbrella of networking and support, Ladies’ Own creates an accessible platform and economy for growth where every member has an opportunity to earn income in accommodation of their schedule, ambition and career goals.

At Ladies Own you can achieve financial freedom by collaborating with each other or taking advantage of our networks, knowledge and resources to become standalone success stories that inspire their each other.
Are you ready to embrace wealth with us?

The Wealth Professionals

Meet Our Team

We are a vastly experienced group of business leaders that excel in communication, coaching and devising personalized platforms for business experience. Our success stories are the inspiration behind The Boss Factory, where initiating the next generation of entrepreneurs is our way of giving back to the world.

Joye Jackson


Joye Jackson is a visionary entrepreneur and dynamic speaker who is the driving force behind Prosperity Meet Conferences and Speaking of Joye.

Robynne Young


Meet Robynne, an accomplished Human Resources Manager with an unyielding passion for talent acquisition and development.

Shauntey Swinson


Shauntey Swinson is a respected customer relations consultant who specializes in helping businesses enhance their strategies to win clients.



Denise McBride is a dynamic and results-driven officer and is instrumental in propelling the company’s continued growth and expansion.

Monique Swinson

VP of Marketing

Monique Swinson is a highly accomplished marketing strategist with a passion for introducing new products and driving brands to new heights.

Jacquelyn Swinson

VP of Business

Jacquelyn Swinson is a philanthropist and entrepreneur with a passion for inner city investment and corporate social impact.